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How to get Help with electric bill shut off – Electric shut off grants are helping low income families to avoid electricity cutoff during the time of pandemic.  In a house, most of the appliances are used that work by electricity. That’s why the electricity bills have come with a high amount. But for low-income families, it is not hard to pay the high amount of their utility bill. When they don’t pay the utility bill amount on time then they have to face the problem of electricity shut off. Their utility service provider company gives them notice to shut off their electricity after some time. So, if they want to continue their utility services then pay the amount as soon as possible. Otherwise, they have to face the disconnection of electricity.

But when the low-income families and individuals cannot afford the amount then they can look for other ways. Because in a family many people live like small kids, seniors, and others and everyone needs some appliances all the time that is necessary for them. That’s why government and many other organizations come with programs that can help to pay the utility bills.

Along with this, some programs offer energy-efficient appliances. Those appliances consume less energy and thus the utility bill also comes with a low amount. That means it will be helpful for low-income families and individuals to get energy-efficient appliances. The appliances are offered to only those people who are eligible for receiving them. That’s why one has to check the eligibility criteria and then apply for the program. Along with this, the programs offer the replacement of the appliances and provide free repair services as well. But all you need to qualify for their requirements is to get help.

If you are one of those individuals and low-income families, who are unable to pay their electricity bill or face the problem of electric shut off, then you can read this article further and get solutions with numerous government and non-profit organizations and their programs that help low-income families and individuals with electric bill shut off and more related issues.


What can I do if my electricity is shut off?

If you see that all the programs are not helpful for you when your electricity is cut off, then you don’t need to worry. Because you can look for another program from where you can get help. Low-income families will get help from the Energy Crisis Intervention Program. You can help from this program in any situation. That means when you face the issue of electricity cut off or when your utility company sends you notice for disconnection of your utility services, before 24 to 48 hours. In both situations, you can look for help from the program.

Additionally, you can try to cut off on your utility bill, which means you get help from the program to give you concession or help you to cut off your utility bill as much as possible. This will help you to minimize your utility bill amount to a great extent.

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Also, note one important thing, that numerous electricity laws help you to prevent utility disconnection. In other words, the utility company will not disconnect the connection. The utility company cannot shut off your electricity in hot summer and cold winter months. Especially, when in your family there are children, seniors, and medical patients. In all those conditions, you did not face an electricity shut-off issue. Or in any case, if you face this problem then you can contact them and tell them about your home situation.

Government Programs that help with electric bill

Many government organizations work for the betterment of the community. They offer various programs to help low-income families and individuals in the community. You can see that those organizations run different programs that help low-income people. One of those programs is the electric bill. Here are many government programs are given that help people with electric bills on in the condition of electric shut off. Let’s check for them:

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

If it seems in general, then weatherization is too much costly for low-income families and individuals. They cannot handle the amount of the electric bill easily. But there is a solution, that means once they will weatherize then they will be able to save lots of their money from the energy bills. The energy consumption is starting to get low, and in this way, they can save their money. And weatherization can be proven as cost-effective for them.

The low-income families cannot afford this, that’s why they don’t check for this in detail. But for understanding the importance of weatherization, the Weatherization Assistance Program is helpful. It improves the use of energy efficiency at homes and also offers energy-efficient appliances to needy people that consume less electricity. Also, they offer help by giving free services for furnace tune-ups, wall and attic insulations, weather stripping, other minor home repairs, and lots of more services. They will make sure that low-income people will get help with electric appliances and also get help with repairing services.

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Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program is a well-known program that provides help to low-income families with utility bills and appliances. However, this is the program offered by the U.S. Government Department of Health and Human Services. This Block Grant program offers 2 types of basic services. From this program, individuals and low-income families will get financial assistance. With financial help, they can get help to pay their utility bill. They can get this assistance from government programs as well as from non-profit organizations.

From this program, one can get lots of many other services. But those services are offered to those people who did not have energy-efficient appliances in their house and need them. They will get energy-efficient appliances and then it will be cost-efficient for them as well. You can also apply for this program to get benefits from the program. You can apply through the Community Action Agencies and if you are enlisted for the grant then get the appliances and financial help.

Commonly, low-income families do have not energy-efficient appliances and because of this their utility bills are come with a high amount. The amount, that they are unable to pay and because of this their electricity shut off. In that emergency time, they can look for the LIHEAP program and get help. Such grant programs help with providing direct utility grants for low-income families and directly pay to the utility company, so the people don’t face the problem. The best thing about the program is that one can get help, within one business day. That they did not need to suffer this electricity shut off the problem for a longer time. That means if you need help in the situation of electricity shut off or for paying your utility bill then you can look for the LIHEAP program and get help.

Heating and Air Repair or Replacement Program (HARRP)

The Government has various programs to help low-income families with electricity bills and electric appliances. You can look for the government programs that will help you. One of those programs is HARRP. HARRP is the Heating Repair Replacement Program that offers help to low-income families with free electric appliance services. As this program is very famous for its work, also it has lots of different names. In each city, it works with a different name. That’s why this name is the most common. As its name, the program works according to it. That means you can get help with free heating appliances repair and also for the free replacement of appliances with this program. So, you can look for this program in your area online and get help. However, you can get help with this program from your Local Community Action Agencies. You can go there and tell me about your financial condition. IF you are found eligible then they will help you.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

Home Energy Assistance Program or HEAP, is one more government program that offers help to low-income families and individuals. From this program, people will get help to avoid electric bills to shut off. But they offer help to only needy and low-income families who are eligible for the program. That means you have to check for its eligibility criteria and if you fulfill it then you can apply for the program and get help to pay out the bill.

However, this government program gives importance or priority to elderly and disabled people. You can also visit their official website to get information about the program and to check its eligibility criteria. On the website, you can check for the details that you want to know about the program including when you can apply and how you can apply for help with the electric bill.

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Regulations on Heating and Utility Disconnections

In each state, different utility companies are available that provide utility services to their customers. That’s why those companies have different rules that in which cases they can disconnect the utility service of their customer. However, they also have one law for disconnecting the utility services that are helpful for the customers. That is, the utility companies cannot disconnect the utility services in the months of cold winter and dry summer. That means the customers who don’t pay the utility bills on time, will get some more time to manage the amount for their utility bills and payout it.

Along with this, the low-income families, who have small kids, seniors, and medical patients, will also get help against the utility disconnection service. Because all of those needs the proper care and if the electricity cut off then they may face many problems. That’s why it’s a benefit for those families that they cannot face the disconnection of electricity. In any case, they face the situation of electricity cut off then they can show the documents that in their house there are small kids, or seniors, or medical patients and get time to pay their utility bill.

State Assistance Programs

As you see that federal government offers various programs to help low-income families with electric and utility bills, similarly, the State government also provide various state assistance program to help. So, one can get help from the state assistance programs as well for the utility bills and Electric bills. However, these programs can also be run with federal programs like LIHEAP, HARRP, etc.

Not only this but from these programs one can get more help that includes installation of new energy-efficient appliances in the house so that people do not worry about their utility bills. Also, can get help with free insulation and more services. Those low-income families cannot afford it easily.

Non-profit Organizations that help with Electric Bill

Everyone always tries that they use less electricity so that the energy bill or the electricity bill will not come with a high amount, but they are unable to do this. But there are many non-profit organizations available that help low-income people with the electric bill. They come with programs that will be helpful for low-income families to pay out the electric bill. Some of the programs and organizations are given below that help with the electric bill. Let’s look at them:

The Salvation Army Utility Assistance

The most common non-profit organization that is always ready to serve low-income and needy families and individuals are The Salvation Army. This is a non-profit organization that is always available for helping low-income families and individuals in the crisis. From this organization, low-income families and individuals will not get help only for utility bills and heating bills, but, apart from this they can get for various things. This non-profit organization helps with food, clothes, rent, housing, furniture, and other such necessary items of living as well.

The Salvation Army Family Emergency Services is a program that helps needy families to pay out the utility bills, who are unable to pay it. They provide them with the safety net by providing them with help for their utility bills. Because electric shut-off is considered as homelessness. That’s why this program, offer help to needy and low-income families to prevent such condition. So, when someone needs help with the electric bill then they can contact the Salvation Army and get help on time to pay out their utility bills, and stay safe being homeless.

Although you can see that not only Salvation Army offers help, many other organizations help with the utility bills and help needy families. Those organizations included St. Vincent De Paul Church, Urban League, Catholic Charities, Love Inc., Lutheran Social Ministry, Jewish Foundation of North America, and lots of more organizations that offer help to low-income families and individuals, with electric bills shut off. So, you can look for these organizations as well to get help for the electric bill shut off.

The National Fuel Funds Network

The National Fuel Funds Network is a non-profit organization. This non-profit organization works across the nation and provides its services. Though, this organization work along with many fuel banks, utility companies, community action agencies, and lots more. So that it will provide better services to low-income people and with the lowest prices. One can get help from this non-profit organization with financial aid as well.

As they raise money by getting help from charities so that they can use that money to help the people who are in need. Not only this, but they work for helping the low-income and needy people. Although if someone needs help with the electric bill then he or she can get help from them as well. And they also help low-income families to lower their heating bills.

Dollar Energy Fund

Dollar Energy fund is related to a charity organization. More than 31 utility companies are related to or work with this charity organization. These utility companies come from 12 states. This organization is helping needy people in paying their utility bills and heating-related expenses. Along with this, this organization helps people in more ways as well. This has been over 3 decades as of now. More details can be found out on their official website. More information is available on the website about the programs related to the electricity bill. You can visit their official website to look for other needed information.

Labor Union Members Discounted Heating Oil

If you are a member of the Labor Union then you will get a discount on buying heating oil. You can get help for more services as well, that will help you to save your money. Many times, this program, also extends for propane as well as for Natural gas. If you want to get the Union Plus Home Heating Oil Discount that you will get it through the HEAT program. Then you will get discounts on heating oil as well as on the many other services. Along with this, you may also get a free service contract.

Operation Roundup

Operation Roundup is another program that helps low-income families. This program offers financial aid to low-income families so that they can pay their utility bills, heating bills, and other bills. They intend to help low-income families by providing cash so that they cannot face financial issues because of their utility bills. However, this program is well-known, as it is run by various Utility Companies.

Operation Roundup is not only helping with utility bills, but from this program, one can get help with food, rent, and also for medical expenses. So, if someone needs any of those things then they can look for this program.

Prevention Programs for electricity shut off

Under these programs, people get help who have received notice for disconnecting the electricity supply from utility companies. Local charities and Government Agencies/organizations provide plans that can help families who have low incomes. They can use those plans against their electricity cut-off or disconnection. In this way, they get electricity supply without any disruption or any shut-off.

Community Action Agencies help with electricity shut off

The Community Action Agencies are non-profit making organizations. These organizations work at the local level only. At present, these agencies are working in 1500 counties in the US. Normally these organizations are extending their services in administration. They also receive applications for the programs like HEAP, LIHEAP which are run under different federal government energy assistance programs. That means you can apply for this local assistance program by visiting their office or by looking for them online.

Free Legal Assistance for electricity shut off

One can also get help from free legal assistance. One can use this way when they are unable to get help from all the sources that are mentioned above. In that situation, they can turn to Non-Profit Law Firms. These firms advised low to moderate-income families, disabled, seniors, and also individuals. They tell them what their legal rights are regarding Utility Disconnection, and how they can use them. With this, the low-income families and other people who face utility disconnection can use their rights and get the utility service back. Moreover, medical patients and elderly people will get priority in this situation. That means if in your family there is any medical patient or elder people then you will come out from this situation soon.

Utility Companies that help with electric bills

There are many programs run by utility companies to help people in electricity shut-off situations. They have a wide range of plans to cover the maximum number of customers. These plans are most suitable for families who have a low source of income. Utility companies also have plans to pay a fixed rate. This fixed rate can be decided by the average utility bill over the last 12 months.

Some other options are also being offered by utility companies like taking the balance and adding the minimum amount till it is paid off for future monthly bills. Under such plans, service is also provided by the companies. It will help also the people to make adjustments in the budget. Most of the utility companies work with a charity organization to help the people. Nearly in 12 states, more than 31 utility companies work with Dollar Energy Fund.

Final words

If you are a low-income family member and did not able to pay off your electricity bill, then you can get help from various government and non-government organizations. However, lots of government programs offer help to pay the electricity bill and also get energy-efficient appliances. With the use of energy-efficient appliances, the utility bill will not come high and low-income families can pay them with ease. Along with this, many government programs offers repair service for the appliances, and also offer the replacement of the appliances. So that the low-income families and individuals did not afford it, they can get help from the assistance program.

You can see that there are customers’ rights that can save them from the situation of electricity shut off. They can use those rights and save from disconnection of electricity shut off. However, the utility companies also don’t shut off the electricity in many cases when there are senior citizens, kids, medical patients, and other people in the family. Hopefully, this article will help you to get the sources of how you can get help from the various government and non-profit organizations’ programs to help with electric bill shut off and get energy-efficient appliances that will be cost-effective for bills.