Grants for stay at home moms

How To Get Grants For Stay At Home Mom – Being a woman is not easy, because she has to handle lots of responsibilities. Even not responsibilities sometimes she has to face many issues in her life that she cannot tell anyone. Many moms stay at home and they did not do any work. Apart from this, many moms have to face domestic violence; their life partner abuses her badly physically as well as mentally. But still, she did not do anything against him. In that condition, many women or stay at home moms leave the hope of living more and take the wrong step with their life.

However, stay at home moms have dreams of continuing their education, getting employment, and making their future bright. But because of the domestic violence, abuse, restrictions, and many other issues, she did not get her step in the direction of education and come back to the job market. For helping those stay at home moms many government and non-government organizations and private agencies come forward. They offer different assistance programs for the stay at home moms. So that if they want to grow in her life and make their future bright for themselves and their children, then they will get help from the grant programs.

However, there is no doubt that the world is moving towards gender equality, but it is also true that not every woman gets this. Most of the women still face equality in each field and they have faced many bad phases because of this, in their life. All this affects their education and their career goals badly. But despite all these things, there are lots of women who want to continue their education and make opportunities for themselves. They want to make their professional life and for this, they can do anything. They have the inspiration to do something in their life and for this, they can fight with their bad situations and come forward.

That’s why many of the organizations come forward to help those women who have career goals and they can grow in their life. They will get the different education grants and employment grants that help them to get the training for their occupational future and they can enhance their skills with the help of training. Here are many organizations are given below that help women and stay at home moms for their education and career goals. IF you are a stay at home mom or a woman who had faced many bad phases in her life and still wants to continue their education and reach their career goals then read the article and get the information about the grant programs that can help you.


Grants For Stay At Home Moms

In the community, there are lots of moms who are staying at home. They want to do something in their life and get a better future for theirself. But they are unable to do this because they did not have sources that can help them. That’s why to help those stay at home moms many organizations come forward. In the below-numerous organizations are given. Those organizations offer grants to help those stay at home moms. Moms can get education grants and also give financial assistance. They provide these grants to help the moms with their education. With the help of this, they will get the help for their employees as well as get the help for improving their skills so they will get employment.

So, if you are a stay at home mom and want to continue your education and need the help for it, then you can look for the grants that are given below and get help from them.

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Go, Girl! Grant

Many organizations help women to get grants for their studies. These grants are called educational grants. Go Girl Grant is also an educational grant. This grant helps the women by the Girlfriend Factor organization. The moms, who stay at home, this organization help them. This also supports the women to get scholarship grants. So that, they can grow in their life.

With the help of Go, Girl! Grant, this organization has helped more than 147 local women.  This organization has given $500,000 as a grant for those women, who has pursued their four-year degrees or employment documents.

The Girlfriend factor agency believes in the independence of women. For this, they provide education and financial help to them. So, they will be educated and get better employment that makes them independent. Along with this, the institution offers assistance to women for their higher education and also offers training for various occupations, to adult women. So, women, who want a better future will get help from various assistance.

Some colleges help women with their higher education, such as the College of the Desert, CSUSB, Loma Linda School of Dentistry, California Desert Trial Academy, International School of Beauty, and Brandman University.

The women, who applied for GoGirl Grant, their applications are reviewed, and then they will process in January and July. The applications will have to be given in till December 15 and June 15. If the applicant applies after the due date, and in that case, their application will not be received by the educational institutions in time. And they will be considered for the next proceeding period.

Eligibility to apply for Go, Girl! Grant

If someone wants to apply for the Go, Girl! Grant, they have to meet with the eligibility criteria that are given below:

  1. You should be a resident of Coachella Valley, CA, and should be a student in any school of Coachella Valley.
  2. Your age should be more than 25 years old.
  3. You must be working for the specific undergraduate degree program or the employment certification.
  4. You have to clear the point that how this educational path or the degree program is helpful for you and your employment goal.
  5. You have to prove that you are curious about your goal and also can achieve your goal
  6. At present, you must be enrolled in the school for at least two classes.
  7. You have to apply for financial aid to get help for your education. For this, you have to apply with Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You can visit and apply for financial aid.

All these are the eligibility requirements that are needed by the grant program. IF someone wants to get help for their education and career goal then they have to fulfill the above-mentioned requirements and also attaché the required documents with the application form.

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How to apply for GoGirl Grants?

When you are going to apply for the GoGirl grants program, just imagine that you meet the eligibility criteria of the program. Now, you have to apply for it. You can apply for this grant program by following the steps that are given below. Let’s look at the steps:

  1. First, download the application and then take a print and fill in the grant application.
  2. Then prepare a one-page of your personal history and fill in the information about your study course and about the cost to complete the goal.
  3. By the side of, you will give in 3 references.
  4. Prepare for a personal interview.

Contact information:

You can send your application to the address that is mentioned below:

The Girlfriend Factor, 77734 County Club Dr. #E, Palm Desert, CA 92211

PEO Program for Continuing Education Grant

The women, who want to continue their study, can get help from the grant that is designed to help them. They can get help from the PEO Program for Continuing Education Grant. From this program, women can get help only one time. These programs only run for those women, who want to continue their studies or they want to complete their degree. This program helps those women also, who want to continue their certification program. With the help of this program, the women can get help to gain skills and can get a job.

This program helps those women who want to continue their studies and connect with education. This program also helps to get grants for those women who want to study for technical courses. The institutions of the US or Canada offered online programs for women students.

You don’t forget that grants offered to women’s education cannot be used for their maintenance. This grant cannot be used to pay educational loans also.

Though this program is only for those women, who are citizens of the US or Canada and permanently live there. Through this program, the applicant can get a grant. This grant can be the highest   $3,000.This grant directly goes to the beneficiary’s bank account, by this program, so that the applicant could get the benefit of this grant.

One can get help from a PCE grant for education-related expenses. They offer grants for numerous things that includes-

  • Books and supplies for the education program
  • Tuition
  • Transportation ( only for an estimated cost of gas, parking, and local bus fare, not for auto loan payments or maintenance)
  • Testing and graduation fees of the program
  • Uniforms that are required by the educational program
  • Childcare (this help they will get while they are in class or studying)
  • Equipment/tools necessary for the course of study


A woman, who wants to continue their education, is eligible for PEO Program for Continuing Education Grant.

  1. If she is a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States or Canada.
  2. If she is enrolled in a certification or degree program from an accredited institution.
  3. If she is living and studying in the United States or Canada for the entire course of study.
  4. If she has had at least 24 consecutive months as a non-student sometime in her adult life.
  5. If she is within 18 consecutive months of completing her educational program, which, after, will lead to employment or job advancement.

How to apply for PEO Program for Continuing Education Grant?

Suppose, you are fit for the program. If you are completed the eligibility criteria, which is mentioned above. If you want to apply for this program, you can fill out the application form and submit it on the official site of the PEO Program. You have to submit the Information Form for a Potential PCE Candidate Seeking Chapter Scholarship. However, you can also contact them at the below-mentioned contact information.

Contact Information:

Address: P.E.O. International Headquarters, 3700 Grand Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50312

Dial: 515-255-3153

Fax: 515-255-3820

Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund (JRF) provides scholarships. JRF does help those women whose age is 35 years and more than 35 years. It provides helps across the USA. It is also supported financially by women who have very low incomes. It provides support by the way of higher education. The main motive of the JRF is to make a better life for the women who belong to low-income families. It provides scholarships related to higher education. The vision of this scholarship is – Educated women power the world.

Jeanette Rankin is a social and racial justice advocate who provide scholarship across the USA. The main motive of Jeanette Rankin is to utilize the fund with the view of increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Till the year 2019, more than 3 million women get help, scholarship, and better education by this scholarship program which is held by JRF.

There are many national scholarship organization that provides helps across the World which provides scholarship nationally. These organizations support those women who come under the low-income category and also whose age is 35 years or more than 35 years. This scholarship is very helpful for women because it makes their life better. This scholarship is valid for up to 5 years. After 5 years women can renew this scholarship again and this scholarship is directly received by women’s which is a good thing.

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Eligibility for JRF Scholarship

There are eligibility criteria is given below through women can get a scholarship if women can fulfill all conditions

  • A woman whose age is 35 years or more than 35 years.
  • A woman who comes under the low-income category (based on income guidelines listed below).
  • A woman must be a U.S citizen and also she must be the permanent residence of the United State.
  • A woman who is pursuing a technical or vocational education. And also she has an associate’s degree or a first bachelor’s degree.
  • A woman should be enrolled and also accepted in a, not for profit institution that is recognized by the law.



1 Huntington Road, Suite 701

Athens, GA 30606

Dial: 1.706.208.1211

Email: [email protected]

Society of Women Engineers Scholarship

This program runs for those women, who want to study Engineering and wants to get Scholarship. Society of Women Engineers Scholarship Program helps women economic support for the study. This program helps those women who are studying in engineering, computer science in the community, engineering technology, graduate or a degree program.

During the pandemic year, the SWE Scholarship Program has provided a lot of scholarships. This program gave more than 260 new and renewed scholarships. These are total more than $ 1,000,000. The scholarship is given in May, for those students, who are studying in the second year at college as – junior, senior, and graduate students. This scholarship is given for undergraduates in July.

Eligibility Criteria

There is the eligibility requirements are given below for getting assistance from the SWE Scholarship program. So, if you want to get help for your education from the SWE Scholarship program, then you have to look at the criteria and fulfill them.

  • This scholarship is only for female/woman candidates.
  • Those candidates, who want to enroll in Undergraduate/community college, can be planned to study an ABET-accredited program in technology, engineering, or computing in the oncoming academic year.
  • Those candidates can be enrolled, who are Masters and Ph D. or accepted at a school with ABET-accredited programs in technology, engineering, or computing.
  • A candidate must be planning for full-time attending the classes (exceptions are made for reentry and non-traditional applicants).
  • The candidate did not get the funds for the expenses completely. Such as tuition, fees, books, and other education-related equivalents.

How to apply for the SWE Scholarship program?

When you want to apply for the Society of Women Engineers Scholarship, you have to follow the steps that are given below. Let’s check for the steps to apply for the SWE Scholarship program.

  • When you meet all the eligibility criteria that are mentioned above then you can apply for this scholarship program. For this one has to visit the Register Now Page of SWE, where one can start to apply for the scholarship.
  • You have to log in to the page by using your username and password.
  • Now, you have to fill in the information for your profile.
  • After that check your Email for Confirmation and continue.
  • Now, fill out the further information in the form and confirm your application.

By following these steps one can apply for the SWE Scholarship Program with ease and get qualified and get help from the program.

Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

Women’s Independence Scholarship Program is a program that supports education. This program believes that education is a powerful tool that can help everyone to reach and get the new opportunities that can help them to get a better life or future. You can see that this program is working for providing better opportunities to people thus they help with financial aid as well. So that women will get higher education and then get the job.

The purpose of this program is to help those women who are violating their partners. These partners are very close to them. So, this program helps those women for getting an education. And, with the help of this program, they can get a job in advance. Thus, the women can be able to maintain themselves without any side aid and can be self-dependent.

This program has specifically targeted those women, who are survivors of domestic violence. Therefore, this program will be preferred those women, who are single and they have little young ones.

Eligibility for new applicants

There are many programs are running by various organizations. The women’s Independence Scholarship Program is one of them. To apply to this program, there are eligibility criteria, which are given below.

  • The female is identified as a survivor of intimate partner abuse.
  • She will be living separately from the abuser. She has separated from him at least one year ago but not more than seven years.
  • At United States Institution she applied for an accredited course and was also accepted to continue her education.
  • She must be a permanent and legal citizen of the United States. Also, she has an immigration condition that makes her qualify for FAFSA. Along with it, she must be a legal resident of the United States or its territories.
  • It shows that she needs a critical financial need, or she is suffering from the financial crisis badly.
  • She has a strong desire of completing a training or educational program. Also, show that she can complete the training or the educational program.
  • She has to show that she has the proper plan to enhance her skills for employment, or to enter or reenter the job market, or to train a new career field or can enhance her skills for career advancement.
  • However, they can find an agency that provides help to the female survivor of intimate abuse for continuously 6 months. There is a non-profit agency that wants to help the female survivors of intimate abuse and want to help them to create their new future. This agency helps the students during their educational program by supporting them and mentoring them. So that when they need help at any time then they will get support from the agency for a better future. This agency accepts donations from various sources on the behalf of the applicant or the female student. Thus they offer the scholarship for the student’s living expenses during her education.

The program provides the scholarship every three months or in a semester that is ranging from $500 to $2,000. However, if someone wants to apply for this program and get help for their education and get better employment then they can apply for it. They can look for the deadline of the program to apply, though, the applications open in January for applying. But first, check for the deadline and opening dates of the scholarship program. So, one can apply for it on time and get financial help for her education.


One can contact them at—


4900 Randall Parkway Suite H Wilmington

NC 28403

Dial: 910.397.7742

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Soroptimist Live Your Dreams Award

Soroptimist Live Your Dreams Award is that award that helps poor Women. This is an educational grant. These Grants support the women financially for their families so they can meet the basic needs of the family. The main motive of the ‘live your dreams’ award is to help women to achieve their goals by taking better education by improving their skills and by taking good employment opportunities so they can complete their goals.

Soroptimist Live your dreams Award is that award that distributes education to women all over the world over $ 2.8 million to over 1700. These institutions mostly help the women which are going through domestic violence, trafficking, sexual assault, and also which come out from hindrances like teen pregnancy, drug addiction, poverty, alcohol, etc.

From the local Soroptimist,

  • The recipients of the club level received $1000 and
  • These award recipients receive grants for education over $1,000 to $16,000 and
  • The recipients of region-level receive $3,000-$5,000
  • The international finalists receive over 10000 dollar award

Eligibility for Soroptimist Live Your Dreams Award

There are some essential criteria are given below through which women can get this Soroptimist Live your dreams Award which is as follows:-

  • A woman who provides the primary financial support firstly for herself and also on her dependents which also include children, partners, siblings, spouse, and also her parents.
  • A woman who needs financial support.
  • A woman who is enrolled in vocational or skills training programs for an undergraduate degree program.
  • A woman who is very serious about achieving their educational and career goals.
  • A woman must be resistant in one of Soroptimist international of the Americas’ member countries/ territories which includes ( Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guam, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, United States of America, Venezuela).
  • A woman who is not previously the recipient of Soroptimist Live your dreams Award or Soroptimist women’s opportunity.
  • A woman who does have not any graduate degree.
  • A woman who is not a Soroptimist member, an employee of Soroptimist International of the Americas, or immediate family of either.



1709 Spruce Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103-6103

Mail: [email protected]

Fax: 215-893-5200

Phone: 215-893-9000

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Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Award- Education Foundation for low-income women and children

Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Award is an education foundation that includes those women and children who have very low incomes and who do not get an education. In the year 2003, the pasty Takemoto Mink Education Award was started. This award is made for those women who are not in a position to pay their educational fees and they have not any other work through which they can pay their educational fees. The main motive of this award is to provide education, opportunities, and equity to that woman who comes under the low-income category. This award is specially made for mothers so they can get educated. Through this award, they also take their legacy of pasty Mink’s commitment on a longer path.

These organizations help women which are pursuing their education and who come under the very low-income category. And it does help $5,000 and above to every mother.

Eligibility for Patsy Mink Foundation Award

For the eligibility for the scholarship, there are some essential eligibility criteria is given below which must be followed by each applicant. If this criterion is not followed by the applicant then the applicant cannot get this scholarship. These essential points are:

  1. Applicant must be a woman
  2. A woman whose age is not less than 17 years
  • A mother who has a minor child
  1. A woman who are pursuing a first vocational degree/certificate and a first associate’s degree, or a first bachelor’s degree or a first professional/master’s/doctoral degree.
  2. A woman who is enrolled in a, not for profit institution which is recognized by law and a program which are held in the United States during the academic year.
  3. If you are not sure about the institution is not for profit or not? then you should be Low income ( all annual family income less than $20000 for a family of 2, less than $24,000 family for an of 3, less than $28000 for a family of 4).

What benefits do stay at home moms get?

Many people think that stay at home moms is not good or they have to go to work and make their own life. Staying at home is not bad, even it gives more enjoyment and support to the family. It is not necessary to every mom that they go to work and earn money if their condition is good enough. Even if moms stay at home then they can also make their life and make it better than the moms who go to work. Here are some benefits are given below for the stay at home moms.

  • Don’t need to expense on child daycare

The best and most effective benefit of staying at home is economic and also loving. They did not need to spend money for their child by sending them to daycare. Daycares are too expensive and every family does not afford them.

While a stay at home mom, always stay with their kids and give more care and love to them. The kids always feel relaxed with their moms and more enjoyable. This way they can save the money that they had to spend on their kid’s daycare.

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  • The lower stress level for kids

However, working moms did not give proper attention to their kids and because of this those kids feel too much stress. Because they did not share lots of things with their moms as they go to daycare. But if the kids stay at home then they can talk with their moms when they want and also freely. Thus their stress level will always be low and they will be most happy. So moms also do not need to worry about their kids and their kids always stay happy.

  • Get Social support

When parents stay at home they will get social support, because they connect with the neighbors and other social people. Along with this, they also meet with their children’s parents, go to the park and also get a chance to take part in social activities. The result of all these things is that when they need any type of support then they can contact various people and get help.

  • Gives more time to family

No doubt working moms did not give proper time to their family and kids. Because they spend their whole day at working place and at the end of the day they just engage in the home activities. Because of this, they did not give proper time to their family. But when a mom is staying at home then she can give lots of time to their family and love them. Also, they did not worry about taking holidays or leave from their office work and can go to any party or for vacations without any worry. This way they will spend more time with their family and enjoy themselves with them.

  • Get more time to relax

However, staying relaxed is more important for everyone. For a woman, it is too important. Because they have to do lots of work and manage their responsibilities. If a woman goes to work then she did not find the time to get proper relax because during the day she does their office work and then engages in-home activities. That means their most of the time goes in work and because of this they did not get the proper sleep and did not get proper relaxation. But if a mom stays at home then she can do their homework, handle their children and family and also get the proper time to sleep, and always stay relaxed. Thus she can give more focus to their children and family.

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People also ask

As many moms are the stay at home moms, but most of them want to come back to their career goals. They want to continue their education and reach the job opportunities that they dream about. But those stay at home moms has many questions in their minds. That’s why the questions that are mostly asked by a stay at home moms are chosen and answered here. So, if there are more stay at home moms and they also have the same kind of questions then they will get answers from here.

Can you get a grant for being a woman?

Can you get a grant for being a woman

Many grants are offered to women and help them with financial aid. One of those grants is Go Girl! Grant. This is the grant that is offered by the Girlfriend Factor is an organization. This organization offers grants for education and emotional support. This grant is given to women to support them and make their lives better by getting a higher education. However, since 2006, this organization provided more than 180 women with financial aid in California’s Coachella Valley. They offer them financial aid with $700,000 as of assistance

Will the government pay me to be a stay at home mom?

Will the government pay me to be a stay at home mom

If truly say, then the federal government never provides the grants directly to any individual, including the stay at home moms. Apart from this, the funds are given to state agencies, universities, and charitable organizations. With this, they give preference to public services and stimulate the economy. Thus, needy people will get help from those sources by applying for the grant program that they need

Do stay at home moms get paid?

Do stay at home moms get paid

It depends on the different factors that stay at home moms get financial help or not and how much. The factors include the size of the home, pets, family, and numerous other conditions. Also, it depends on the factor that a stay at home parent may work more than 98 hours a week. According to the data of, which is done in 2019, if you are a stay at home parent and pay for your services then you have to look for the median annual salary of $178,201.

What is a job title for a stay at home mom?

What is a job title for a stay at home mom

As many parents try to come back to their work and for this, they choose the title “homemaker”- this is the label that is provided by LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides this on the sites to explain the career gaps. However, some other sources make some improvement in this, and they use other words like “Family CEO” or Chief Home Officer. That makes it more convenient and good to use.

Is it cheaper to be a stay at home mom?

Is it cheaper to be a stay at home mom

Many moms think that it is cheaper to stay at home mom because by this they did not need to send their kid to a child daycare. And they can save lots of money by this. It is because many moms are working moms and they send their kids to daycare and it needs a huge expense. If you see that found that the Economic Policy Institute says that the cost of the daycare for an infant ranges from $543 to $2,020 per month and everyone can’t afford it. Thus if someone is a stay at home mom then they can save this money and will be cheaper for them.

Which state has the most stay at home moms?

Which state has the most stay at home moms

The answer is Mississippi. If you check then find that in the list of 2021, stay at home parents, Mississippi is on the top. This is the place where most of the parents are stay at home parents. However, in the Magnolia State, 6.5 percent of the households have one parent as a stay at home with their children. Apart from this, Delaware came in second on the list with 5.6 percent. Though, Texas comes at the 3rd position at 3.5 percent that is followed by North Carolina (3.4 percent).

Is there financial aid for moms?

Is there financial aid for moms

The Pell Grant is one of the most awarded grants that are given to single mothers as well as to the other FAFSA® filers. However, this Pell Grant is not specified that it only helps or provides its benefits to only single mothers. This is one of the most awards grants to the moms who want to come back to school and also who come under the low-income criteria. If you also want to get back to your education and want to get help with financial aid for your education then you can learn how to file for FAFSA® and apply for it.

Is Scholarships4moms legitimate?

Is Scholarships4moms legitimate

Most of the people ask a question about Scholarships4moms that is, “However, is it true that scholarships4moms is a scam?” The answer is no, the Scholarships4moms is not a scam. Schoalrships4moms was proven to award real scholarships to its winners in the past. You can also check for them by visiting their website. You can find out how many winners won the Schoalships4moms and who they are

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you will find all the resources that help them stay at home moms with the grants. However, it is not easy for moms to take care of their babies, do study, or go for a job. It is too difficult for them, but they still did not break or leave their dream in the mid. They come forward and do their best to make their future bright. They are looking for ways that can help them further study and achieve their career goal.

Thus, to help those women and moms, many NGOs, organizations, that are government and private, and many funding institutions come forward. They offer help to women and stay at home moms with the grant programs. However, they are funding programs that have limited funds that are why they set the eligibility criteria. So that only qualified applicants can get the advantage of the grant program and other people don’t take benefit from the program. These assistance programs offer help to women who are looking for financial aid for their higher education and to become independent.

You can read again about the scholarship programs or the grant programs, check that which program you are eligible and get financial help for your education and career goal. However, you can also take part in their training programs to enhance your skills and to get the job in the field that you want. Also, one can look for grants for single mothers, education grants for women, and lots of more grant programs that are specially designed to help single moms and women to get higher education and a good job.