How Long After Dental Implants Can I Normally Eat?

How Long After Dental Implants Can I Normally Eat? – Teeths are a very sensitive part of our body and are a very precious part because it defines our face and smile which is our identity. Smiling is a very important thing by which we can identify people and their expression and a good smile needs good teeths. Dental Implant is a long and a painful process that take place while you have some unhealthy oral situations, once you go through this process you are allowed to eat only some of the food, in this post we are going to share how long after one can eat normally one the dental implants is done

Dental implants are now very common things. A good prosthetics device which can help your dental health better from some severe problems like decaying of teeths and gums, facial traumas,periodontal diseases, etc.

Implants are now a very common thing in the market and in the dentistry’s world. It has become a very famous and remarkable decision which can be a lifesaver to some people. They get a new identity and a new smile on their faces and their eating habits also get better and improved dental health.

The entire process of dental implantations is a very lengthy process which can take weeks after weeks months after months for each session with the doctors and the diagnostics centers. It requires a lot of visits to the doctor before doing the surgery. The surgery itself is very common surgery but there must be taken care of after the surgery which is the post operative stage. Basically the problem comes when the individual starts eating with new implants. Post operative care can extend to weeks but the transition should be smooth and painless.


What Occurs Following A Dental Implant Procedure During The first 12 Hours?

Several hours after the post operation the place of the dental implantations or where the operation has been done stays numb or we can say there will be no sensitivity in that area. Then you can have some liquid soft meals only after the first six hours of the operation. You can have soft liquid meals like smoothies, apple sauce, and yogurt. Eating any kind of hard things like nuts, peanuts is prohibited in those postoperative phases. By eating all these hard things or even if you bite in these conditions with the dental implantation it can cause severe pain and can be harmful.

Six hours later you can eat solid foods like pasta, sauteed veggies, and eggs. These foods are needed because the anesthesia which is being given to you during the operation can cause weakness for which the later six hours you can eat these kinds of semi solid foods.

Crunchy Foods Should Be Avoided

You should avoid crunchy foods after the implantation because it can be harmful and it can give tension to that particular area of implantation. For example Nuts, fresh fruits also come in this category. You should be very much careful about the implantation area. In the next visit with the doctor in the dental clinic they will inform you about the do’s and don’ts of the implantations.

It would be better if you stick to eating softer foods for your improvement in the dental implantation. There is no restrictive diet that you have to follow, just you have to be careful eating hard foods. These are some foods which you can include in your diet : muffins, spaghetti, mousse, eggplants, eggs, french toast ,  milkshakes, oats ,melons, salsa etc.

An Introductory Liquid Diet is Recommended

Liquid diet is compulsory for the next 24 hours of the dental implantation. Liquid diet is given to protect the area or the region where the implants are being done. The palace should be swollen or bloated and sometimes bleeding can also be seen. You must be aware of these situations so the doctors prescribe that you should be on liquid diet for the next 24 hours of the implantation. In this situation using straws is prohibited because sucking can be harmful in this initial stage of the implantations. It causes a pressure inside your mouth and that can cause pain in that certain area and hamper the whole implantation. You should avoid fruits which have seeds like any kind of berries which have seeds in them, even watermelon. If you are eating these fruits please make sure that you’re not having the seed in it. You should also avoid eating hot foods at this time.

What Foods Am I Allowed To Consume During the First Week Following Dental Implant Surgery?

Later the first 12 hours of the surgery you can resume your usual diet but you have to be very cautious about your diet.

  • In this period of time you are allowed to eat some specific foods that are as follows.
  • Eggs, poultry, fish, ground beef which should be cooked in a soft form so that it is easy to chew and don’t hamper the implantation area. These foods are a good source of protein.
  • You can also eat boiled potatoes, oats, and bananas which are good carbs.
  • Water is an important thing. You should drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Don’t skip your meals because eating will help you speed up your mending process so you can start eating with the implantation area but be careful that you should not chew hard on that area.

What Meals Should I Avoid During The First Week Following Dental Implants ?

After the surgery the doctors will tell you what you should avoid and what you should eat during the process of mending your implants.

  • Drinking with straws is prohibited.
  • Carbonate drinks should be avoided because they are damaging elements that can affect the implants.
  • Acidic food like tomatoes , oranges should be avoided as they can create serious damage to your implant areas.
  • Hot foods are also a big no. You should not consume hot tea or coffee at this time.

After The First Week Of The Implants ,What Happens?

After a week of the implantation you can eat normally and can continue your normal diet. The area of the implantation should be recovered by now because you have held your patience and taken the right aids and precautions that have been advised by the doctors who have done your dental implantation. You should go slowly towards eating hard foods and chew very slowly so that you don’t get any pain or bleeding or bloating in that area or region of the implantation. If there is any kind of disturbance and you feel like any tension or any kind of problems please get the doctor’s concerns as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does its takes for dental implants to heal?

Dental implantation is a very serious and complicated matter and procedure which takes time to heal and that depends on the person or we can say it varies from individual to individual.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Benefits of having a dental implant is that we all have only one set of teeths if anything happens and we lose one of our teeth then we will lose our confidence and the smile which is our identity. So if we lose any one tooth we can have it back by the dental implants and the smile and confidence will remain intact.

Why can anyone have dairy after the implants?

Dairy products can cause inflammation and can hamper the implant area. That’s why doctors advise not to have dairy products soon after the implantation.

How soon after dental implants you can at?

Soon after the dental implants you can eat. But keep in mind not hot foods, crunchy or hard foods. You should only eat liquid foods and soft meals. Which won’t cause any hamper to the implants.


Implantation can bring back your smile and can lift up your self esteem. Dental implantations seem real as real teeths as because they are attached to the jaws. The perfect implantation depends on where it is being done and by which hands.

Dental implantations seem as real as the real teeth’s even if it feels like and it appears like the real ones. They are permanent implantations because they emerged with the bones of the jaws.