Virginia Dominion power low-income assistance programs

How to get Dominion power low-income assistance programs – Virginia low income families power assistance program for low income needy can help In summers, everyone wants to stay in a cool environment and enjoy, but when they are less fortunate they did not even afford to buy a fan for themselves. Many of the low-income families need cooling appliances in summer, but they did not afford it because of their financial situation. But when in a family small kids, senior people or medical patient is present, then it will be a more serious situation for the households. Because all they need is the proper care and they did not get it that causes more problems. But when you need help with the electric bill or cooling appliances then you can look for the Dominion power low-income assistance program.

However, electricity is most important and in all the seasons. Whether it is summer or winter. In winters people use the heaters all day and night, and in summers, people use cooling appliances, like air conditioners and fans. But on the other side, it is also true that all families cannot afford the utility bills. Dominion Power understands this situation of people, and thus they are beside with government programs for electricity bills assistance.  One can also see that Dominion power also has many assistance programs that offer help with utility bills, electric appliances, and more.

Thus, if someone needs assistance for electricity, utility bills, electric appliances, and more things, then they can read this article. They can look for the Dominion power low-income assistance program that helps low-income families and needy people. You can read the article further and look for the grants that are offered by Dominion power.


Dominion power low-income assistance programs

If you need help with the Dominion Power low-income assistance program then you can get help from the program that works with the government programs like LIHEAP, HEAP, HARRP, etc. or they did not get help from these programs. In case, you did not get help from these government programs because of any reason then you will get help from the Dominion Power low-income assistance programs. These programs are initiated to help low-income families and individuals. So that, they will get help for their utility bills and services from Dominion Power, when they would not get help from other sources.

Fan Care

You can for the Fan Care program that helps low-income families. This program is offered to people who need Dominion power low-income assistance. You can see that its name defines it. This Fan Care assistance program is designed to help people with free fans. This program offers free fans to needy families. However, this program works intending to help more and more individuals by providing the fans. So that, they will get a better summer experience, with the use of fans.

Fan Care program is sponsored by the Dominion. Fan Care is a program that works with many local human service agencies, communities, and organizations that are ready to help people, like Salvation Army. FanCare works with local organizations and charities to help people with fans and they will get a good experience on hot summer days. Though, this program also works for senior people and makes sure that senior citizens who are living in the Dominion service area will get the fans for free from the program and did not face more problems in summer.

When you want to have a fan for free then you can look for the Fan Care program, but keep one thing in your mind. This program works on the function of a first-come, first-serve basis. That means you have to go for the program as soon as possible. This program makes sure that at most one applicant gets the one fan for the cooling season. However, this program works till the end of September. In short, till the program has money and resources available to them, they offer help to needy and low-income families. The program gets funds from the businesses and community. That means this program is fund-based.

The Fan Care program is run by the Virginia Department for the Aging. This program is generated with Public-Private Partnership to offer to help those people who are needy. From this program, people who are facing crisis time, who cannot afford a fan, have senior people in a family, and any medical person needs the fan, then they all are eligible to get a free fan from the Fan Care program. Because this program offers help to needy people who need help and are unable to buy a fan. To get more information about the program, one can contact them at 1-800-552-3402. One can get information about the eligibility criteria for the program, what benefits one can get, starting date to apply, and the deadline for the applications, and lots of more questions that one has in his mind.

Virginia Energy Assistance

Virginia Energy Assistance Program is a program that works on the local and state level. This program is working for helping low-income people with their utility bills and services. However, this program is funded by the government and also works equivalent to LIHEAP. This program offers financial help to low-income people who need help with their utility services. The applicants can be qualified for this program by fulfilling its eligibility criteria. When the applicant is qualified for the program then they will get help to pay for their Dominion Power Utility Bills. Thus, if you want to get help to pay the bills then apply for this assistance program.

Cooling Bill Assistance

Virginia Energy Assistance program offers help the low-income families to pay for their electric and air conditioning bills. From this assistance program, one does not get help to pay for the electric or cooling appliances, but one can get help to buy the cooling types of equipment. However, if someone needs help to repair those types of equipment then they can look for this service as well from the assistance program.

Heating and Fuel Assistance

The heating and Fuel Assistance program is the program that helps low-income families. This program helps those families to heat home costs. So that they can get help with the heating and fuel at the best cost.

Crisis Assistance

As its name suggests itself that this assistance helps people in a crisis. Like, when the customers get a notice from dominion power to shut off the electricity or face any other crisis, in that condition, this crisis assistance helps the customers. That means when any customer faces any crisis related to electricity then they will get help from the crisis assistance.


EnergyShare is one of the best and important assistance programs that are offered by Dominion power. This program is run in Virginia by the Dominion power low-income assistance program. This program helps those people who did not get Energy Assistance from any government resources or programs and have no way left to go for. Thus they can look for this program and get help from the program. This program is run with the help of community action agencies, and local human services agencies.

However, not only these agencies, but lots of other ways also come to help the needy people through the dominion power low-income assistance program. This program is funded and run with the help of various organizations, agencies, churches, charities, individuals, local people, Dominion and their employees, and many of the local government bodies offer their help to people who are in need. From the program, one gets the energy assistance till the program has funds and resources.

The EnergyShare program helps low-income families by providing them with cooling and heating bills financial assistance, so they will not face more financial crisis because of the bill amount. Under the EnergyShare dominion power assistance program, many things come that are offered by the program to help low-income people. The program offers oil, kerosene, natural gas, electricity, wood, and many other things that are used for heating and other purposes. Through the EnergyShare program, people who paid for the air conditioning and summer cooling bills will be qualified to get the help with $300.

But here one thing is important to note, from this program, only those people will get help who received the notice for disconnection from their utility company. The program offers help to senior citizens, who are over 60 years, and helps them with the condition, that they did not face the issue of shut off.

When you apply for any assistance program, you have to meet its eligibility criteria. Similarly, to get help from the program, then you have to look for the eligibility criteria that they need. Like, the applicants have to meet the income criteria that are set by Dominion Virginia Power. Along with this, they also help up with the cooling bills and air conditioners assistance programs like LIHEAP. That means you have to look for the eligibility criteria first and then apply for the program.

Generally, this program offers help to over 5,000 people each year with the cooling bills and appliances. But this summer, they increase the size of the program. They do this so that more and more people can get help and live relaxed. They offer help to the people of Virginia, with the appliances that they need in summer and also with the cooling bills.

You can look for the application information for the dominion power assistance program. However, the EnergyShare dominion power low-income assistance program’s application forms are started from June 1 and their deadline is till September 28. But the applicants have to make sure one thing is that the program offer help on a first come first basis. So they have to try to apply for the program early as they can. But they have to check for the eligibility criteria properly and collect all the necessary documents and information that they need to fill in the application form. So, later they did not face any issue or their application is rejected. However, if someone has any query or wants to get any information then they can contact as 1-866-366-4357.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

One can get help from the Weatherization Assistance Program with the energy equipment. From this assistance program, one gets help to lessen their utility bill amount with lots of dollars and save hundreds of dollars in a year. However, the weatherization assistance program offers help with energy-efficient appliances that lower the cost the utility bills. Low-income families and individuals will get help from the Weatherization Assistance Program. They will get help from the program for lowering the cost of bills and also get the appliances that are star rated and consumes less energy. For this program, one has to apply for the program, when they qualify for the program then they will get assistance from the program and also other benefits of the program.

Frequently Asked questions

If you have any questions in your mind about the dominion power benefits and services, then you can read the questions and answers that are given below. These questions are asked by lots of people, that’s why they are mentioned below to help you.

Is Dominion Energy doing disconnections?

Is Dominion Energy doing disconnections

Dominion Energy was doing disconnections but before the pandemic. Now, people are facing lots of problems because of a pandemic. That’s why the state tells the utility companies to stop disconnecting services. So that people did not face more problems and they will get time to pay their bills with relaxing.

How can I get help with my electric bill in Virginia?

How can I get help with my electric bill in Virginia

IF you are in Virginia and need help to pay for your electricity bill then you can look for the different organizations that offer a grant for helping low-income families and needy people. The organizations are:

LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) — you can get help for fuel and weatherization assistance programs.

Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development—you can get help for the weatherization assistance program from this organization.

These organizations help people to pay for their electricity bills or offer energy-efficient appliances.

Does South Carolina have energy assistance?

Does South Carolina have energy assistance

To get help from energy assistance, first, you have to meet their eligibility criteria. You must need financial help for paying for the home energy costs and also be a resident of South Carolina. Apart from this, the applicant who participated in other programs or any household member participated in any other government program such as SNAP, SSI, TANF, then they will automatically meet the eligibility criteria and can get help with the energy assistance. Overall, one can get help with energy assistance in South Carolina if he or she fulfills the eligibility criteria.

How can I get help with my electric bill in South Carolina?

How can I get help with my electric bill in South Carolina

If someone needs help with their electric bill then they can contact the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity. They can contact them at (803)734-0662 and get the information that they need. They can ask questions about their electric bill and ask for solutions or help as well. However, Low-income Home Energy Assistance Program offers help to people with utility bills.

The Bottom Line

Dominion Power is offered an assistance program to help low-income and needy people. This program helps people with electric appliances, repair services, utility bills, and other facilities. So that people who need help will get help from the assistance program of Dominion power. However, when someone applies for help from other assistance programs but did not get help then they can look for dominion power. Along with this, they can use the cheapest electricity at night that is offered by them at special rates for the people who did not afford the high electricity bills.

This program gives preference to senior and medical people and offers them help first. So, you can give their preference and get the services from dominion power. But make sure that you will fulfill their eligibility criteria and apply for the grant as early as possible. As, this program offers help on a first-come, first-serve basis.